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Labour Cost:

(incl. VAT, PLUS fluids and parts as required)



£99+ £139+

Typical total cost



£175 £250
Check engine oil level      
Drain engine oil and refill  
Check for excessive oil leaks ✔ 
Replace oil filter  
Check coolant reservoir cap seals    
Check coolant hoses for leaks, condition and security    
Check electric cooling fan for operation where applicable    
Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (i.e. excluding timing belt)  ✔
Adjust auxiliary drive belts if required, where possible    
Check for timing belt (cambelt) replacement interval and report if replacement due according to mileage or age  ✔
Report if air filter is required according to age / mileage recommendations and current condition (where accessible)    
Replace air filter      
Report if spark plugs are due to be changed according to mileage. (Petrol engines).      
Replace spark plugs. (Petrol engines).      
Check radiator condition ✔ 
Check antifreeze strength and level    
Check and record antifreeze strength and top up coolant as required      
Drain out cooling system and replace coolant to correct specification      
Check condition and security of undertray
Check fuel cap seal condition    
Check visual condition of fuel lines    
Report if fuel filter is required according to age/mileage recommendations and last change    
Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external from fuel tank)      
Report if diesel fuel additive is required according to age/mileage recommendations (where applicable)  
Drive System
Check for correct clutch operation
Check for correct gearbox operation  
Check and top up clutch fluid where applicable  
Check drive shaft gaiters for security and report leaks  ✔
Check axle and/or transaxle for visible oil leaks    
Check gearbox for visible fluid leaks    
Check operation of exterior lights:        
  • Headlights (incl. sidelights)
  • Brake lights
  • Indicators
  • Reversing light
  • Fog lights
  • Number plate lights
Check headlight condition    
Check horn  ✔
Check battery security and physical condition
Check battery electrical condition and record results ✔ 
Check dashboard warning lights
Test alternator charging rate    
Steering & Suspension
Check power steering reservoir level  
Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion
Check steering rack gaiters condition  ✔
Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness  ✔
Inspect exhaust system (including catalyst if fitted) for leaks, security, corrosion and noise
Visual check for exhaust smoke  ✔
Visually inspect brake pads and discs for condition      
Check brake pads for wear or damage  
Check brake discs and drums (as accessible) for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring or pitting  
Check brake callipers for leaks and security  
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report any leaks    
Visually check brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion
Check security of handbrake linkages and travel; lubricate and adjust if required  
Carry out brake fluid boil test and record readings  
Check brake fluid level  
Replace brake fluid and bleed system      

Check brake servo operation

Tyres and Wheels
Check tyre size and whether tyre is fitted according to side wall instructions
Check tyre condition and tread depth (including spare)  ✔
Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)
Remove road wheels    
Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer's settings    
Check windscreen wiper condition and operation ✔ 
Check rear wiper condition and operation (if fitted) ✔ 
Check windscreen washer operation and screen wash level
Align windscreen washer jets if required and top up screen wash  
Check windscreen for chips and cracks
Check mirror condition (interior and exterior)
Check number plate condition    
Report if cabin air filter is required according to age/mileage recommendations and last change      
Replace cabin air filter    
Check seatbelts - front and rear including lap belt    
Check operation of all internal and external door locks  
Assess efficiency of air conditioning system (if applicable)    
Reset vehicle service light where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability)  
Conduct road test  
Check bonnet operation
Lubricate bonnet catch    
Stamp service book, indicating which Community Motors service has been completed  


Opening times
Weekdays : 8 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday : 8 am - 12 noon
Sunday : Closed
Some of our many happy customers...

Solid, reliable, dependable. Best garage in the area.


Excellent customer service.  Covered the health check, replaced my failing battery and demonstrated and explained the issue with my brakes.   They could have replaced my front pads and discs but instead explained that as the braking performance was not affected the sound was purely a cosmetic issue and could be dealt with at a later date.


Very friendly professional service. Had car serviced this week and could not have received a better treatment staff very friendly and helpful. Very reasonable price would highly recommend Community Motors and will certainly be using them again.


Really friendly and professional MOT done. No complaints, would recommend to anyone :>


At last a genuine, reliable garage, where you can believe what you're being told! And they don't charge the earth either. The guys are always so helpful and friendly too.


Excellent mechanical work, very friendly and a great underlying social cause. Thoroughly recommend this local garage


Courteous, Reliable, Convenience, Excellent Job Thank you so much guys :-)


Professional and friendly.. I was really impressed by their service and I do recommend them.


Friendly, honest and so helpful! A refreshing change to most garages.


I had a full service on my Van. They were very helpful and knowledgeable and they have delicious free coffee in the reception. Great to have a place I can recommend to others with such high standards!

Check out your dashboard lights here
General Hazard Warning Indicator. Refer to manual
Washer fluid low. Check and top up with appropriate fluid.
Tyre with low air pressure or sensor malfunction. Check tyre pressure. Reset of TPMS system may be possible by driver, others will require professional diagnosis
If this light stays lit after starting, loss of oil pressure. If Amber: check oil level and pressure. If Red: Low oil pressure, seek immediate assistance.
If Red: temperature has exceeded normal limits. Check coolant level and seek advice.
Engine management fault detected which may affect driveability, MPG and emissions. Usually requires professional diagnosis
Parking brake is on or problem with the braking system. Check parking brake is fully released. Otherwise, seek assistance.
Charging system is not functioning properly. Battery and alternator condition need checking.
Diesel Particulate Filter partly blocked. Usually needs regeneration, refer to manual
If illuminated after starting, airbag system fault. Seek advice. This is an MOT failure point.
The Anti-lock Brake computer has set a code and needs diagnosis. Usually needs professional diagnosis and repair.
Engine cooling issue, seek advice
Fault with power steering system. Usually requires professional diagnosis and repair.
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