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Vehicle Health Check

It goes without saying that keeping your car healthy is important. That's why we offer a full 37-point vehicle health check for complete peace of mind, for which we charge just £24 (incl. VAT). When our experienced technicians have looked over your car, we'll create an easy-to-follow report highlighting any problems that we've spotted.  We never put any pressure on our customers, so there's no obligation to carry out any work with us. But if you would like us to sort anything out for you, we can do that, no problem.



servicing - GENERAL

We offer three standard levels of service which are designed to meet the needs of cars no matter their age, condition or history.  Details of what is included in each is shown on the 'Service Comparison' page.  In addition, we can provide a manufacturer’s scheduled service - more details below.


For all services, we include our full Vehicle Health Check, for your peace of mind.


We always use parts of Original Specification quality, meaning they are just as durable as the parts fitted in your car when it was new.  We only use Castrol oil, which is recognised as being of industry-leading standard.


We have total confidence in the quality of the parts we use and the work carried out by our experts. This means we are able to guarantee our work for 12,000 miles or 12 months (terms and conditions apply).




Recommended interval:  6 months or 6,000 miles


This 54-point service is recommended every 6 months for high-mileage drivers, or where more frequent checks are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.  It includes an oil and oil filter change alongside a full range of other checks on your vehicle's condition and costs £69 (incl. VAT), plus fluids and parts (typical total cost - £130).



FULL Service

Recommended interval:  12 months or 12,000 miles


The Full Service is among the most comprehensive annual services available, comprising 72 individual maintenance points and costs £99 (incl. VAT), plus fluids and parts (typical total cost - £175). It exceeds the recommendations made by most manufacturers for checks, refills and replacements to be performed annually.  If you book a full car service every year, you give yourself the best chance of totally trouble-free motoring.



Major Service

Recommended interval:  24 months or 24,000 miles


The Major Service is recommended for every second year of a vehicle's life.  It builds upon our annual Full Service and includes the replacement of various filters and other items plus additional periodic checks.  It costs £139 (incl. VAT), plus fluids and parts (typical total cost - £250).



manufacturer's Service

It used to be very difficult to have cars that were still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty serviced anywhere except a franchised dealer.  Since October 2003 European legislation has given motorists much more freedom in their decision as to who should look after their cars.  Owners can now use any garage of their choice to service their cars without invalidating the manufacturers warranty – providing certain conditions are met.


A manufacturer’s scheduled service follows the exact guidelines issued by the manufacturer of your vehicle when they designed and built it.  We have the latest computer software, which allows us to print out the manufacturer’s service schedule exactly as required. Your vehicle will be serviced as per the approved schedule using only approved parts and lubricants by a skilled qualified technician. You receive a copy of the completed checklist and your service book will be stamped accordingly.


Because this service is tailored to your car we will need to give you a quote that is specific to your car’s age, model and mileage.



Service comparison
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Some of our many happy customers...

I had a full service on my Van. They were very helpful and knowledgeable and they have delicious free coffee in the reception. Great to have a place I can recommend to others with such high standards!


Very friendly professional service. Had car serviced this week and could not have received a better treatment staff very friendly and helpful. Very reasonable price would highly recommend Community Motors and will certainly be using them again.


Really friendly and professional MOT done. No complaints, would recommend to anyone :>


Excellent mechanical work, very friendly and a great underlying social cause. Thoroughly recommend this local garage


At last a genuine, reliable garage, where you can believe what you're being told! And they don't charge the earth either. The guys are always so helpful and friendly too.


Excellent customer service.  Covered the health check, replaced my failing battery and demonstrated and explained the issue with my brakes.   They could have replaced my front pads and discs but instead explained that as the braking performance was not affected the sound was purely a cosmetic issue and could be dealt with at a later date.


Courteous, Reliable, Convenience, Excellent Job Thank you so much guys :-)


Professional and friendly.. I was really impressed by their service and I do recommend them.


Solid, reliable, dependable. Best garage in the area.


Friendly, honest and so helpful! A refreshing change to most garages.

Check out your dashboard lights here
General Hazard Warning Indicator. Refer to manual
Washer fluid low. Check and top up with appropriate fluid.
Tyre with low air pressure or sensor malfunction. Check tyre pressure. Reset of TPMS system may be possible by driver, others will require professional diagnosis
If this light stays lit after starting, loss of oil pressure. If Amber: check oil level and pressure. If Red: Low oil pressure, seek immediate assistance.
If Red: temperature has exceeded normal limits. Check coolant level and seek advice.
Engine management fault detected which may affect driveability, MPG and emissions. Usually requires professional diagnosis
Parking brake is on or problem with the braking system. Check parking brake is fully released. Otherwise, seek assistance.
Charging system is not functioning properly. Battery and alternator condition need checking.
Diesel Particulate Filter partly blocked. Usually needs regeneration, refer to manual
If illuminated after starting, airbag system fault. Seek advice. This is an MOT failure point.
The Anti-lock Brake computer has set a code and needs diagnosis. Usually needs professional diagnosis and repair.
Engine cooling issue, seek advice
Fault with power steering system. Usually requires professional diagnosis and repair.
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